XL Magma Saute

XL Magma Saute

A quick magma-colored vegetarian sauté.


20 min
Jin's Home Cooking


Name Rarity Needed
Vegetable Onion (diced) 1 cup
Vegetable Acorn Squash (sliced) 2 cups
Vegetable Carrots (sliced) 1 cup
Vegetable Corn 12 oz
Vegetable Red Bell Pepper (sliced) 1
Vegetable Orange Bell Pepper (sliced) 1
Flower General Tso Sauce 3 tablespoons
Flower Salt
Flower Olive Oil 2 tablespoons
Staple Rice


  1. Begin cooking the rice.

  2. Cut the squash, carrots, and bell peppers into thin slices. Thinner slices will cook more quickly and allow you to sear them on higher heat.

  3. Heat the oil in a wok or large pan on medium-high heat. Cook the onions until translucent, about 5 minutes.

  4. Toss the squash and carrots into the pan and sauté for about 5 minutes.

  5. Toss the bell peppers and corn into the pan and sauté for another 3 minutes. Add salt as desired.

  6. Remove from the heat and immediately pour the General Tso sauce onto the vegetables. Mix so that all the vegetables are coated.

  7. Serve with rice!


Game Ingredients

Meaty Carrot
Barbed Tomato
Creeping Starpepper
Hustle Hyacinth


Named for its swift sauté method, this dish focuses on vibrant orange and yellow veggies, sidelining greens for a fiery 'magma' color. We favor acorn squash as Sumpkins for its texture and availability, hefty carrots as Meaty Carrots to emulate meatiness, and bell peppers as Starpeppers for their vaguely star-like shape and compatibility with stir-fry dishes.

For the Barbed Tomato, we are using General Tso's sauce since it contains tomato paste. For the final ingredient, Hustle Hyacinth, we tried corn since the hyacinth is also used in a salsa, a dessert pie, and considered a "vegetable" item in Xenoblade 2. Although atypical in sautés, it adds both a bubbly texture to the "magma" and a unique flavor to the dish.